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Best Dating Sites

Best Dating Sites


Best Dating Sites: a Guide to Online Dating For Beginners

Myriads of singles from all over the planet are trying to find the most suitable partner every day. Building a serious and reliable relationship is extremely hard nowadays since most people are very busy with their careers and do not have enough time for traditional dating. No wonder online dating is becoming more and more popular every year. Thanks to a matchmaking service, even the busiest people can start looking for a soulmate.

Trustworthy dating websites allow singles to communicate with several potential partners at once. You can browse the profiles of the most suitable people for you wherever you want. Forget about the problems of traditional dating and meet the best-looking people with interesting personalities from your area. Just get a dating app on your smartphone or create a new profile at a dating site to talk with gorgeous men and mail order brides. Even though the majority of dating sites require a subscription, browsing is always free, so you always know what you are paying for. Considering how effective and useful the best dating sites are, paying a couple of dozen bucks seems perfectly fair.

Stop suffering from solitude and find a partner online! You should try internet dating since it is extremely convenient and very simple. Dating sites have already helped thousands of people to find love. You can join their ranks! In this article, you will find the most important information about popular matchmaking services. We are going to help you tips and tricks of online dating, as well as offer you the top 10 list of the best dating sites. After reading this page, anyone should be able to find a good partner over the internet.

The Definition of Online Dating

The internet is one of the best things that has ever happened for singles. Thanks to it, anyone can make new acquaintances online. There are myriads of dating apps and matchmaking websites that can assists you in finding the most suitable partner from any city of Earth. The most popular dating sites make every new user fill out a huge form where they need to describe their preferences and interests.

Thanks to the data gained from the users themselves, the dating platforms connect the most suitable partners according to their profiles. After registering at an online dating site, you will get matches every day without doing anything, which is extremely convenient for those who cannot afford to invest too much time into dating.

Online dating is also good for introverts who do not feel comfortable around strangers. Traditional dating is very hard for them. However, matchmaking sites will help them solve communication problems. Even a shy person can find a single with similar interests over the internet. Some services even offer additional help for bashful people, such as the list of ice breakers for starting conversations.

As we have already mentioned, using dating sites is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is to pick a matchmaking service and register a new user account. Most of the time it is free, but you will need to get a premium subscription to use all the features. Fortunately, it is not expensive: on average, a 1-month subscription will cost you less than 30 bucks.

During the registration, you will need to add your pictures, biography, and describe your interests. You can also choose your preferences. The most advanced dating sites have specific software to provide visitors with matches based on mathematical algorithms. Thanks to them, you will get matched with the most suitable partners according to yours and their interests, preferences, place of residence, and other data.

Modern dating websites offer matches automatically, but you can also look for the right person manually. The majority of dating platforms offer advanced search feature that allows you to look for a specific partner depending on their sex, age, location, religion, and other qualities. If the other person likes you too, you will be able to send them messages and even start audio and video chats.

Top 10 Dating Sites of the Year

Online dating is very convenient, but you do not have to believe that on bare words. Instead, try dating sites yourself! Below, we have listed only the good dating sites with impeccable reputations and large user bases. Pick one of them and start looking for the love of your life!

Match: One of The Largest International Dating Sites

Match.com is one of the most popular dating platforms in the world. It is translated into numerous languages and is available in dozens of countries. Of course, most of its users are American, but you can meet a person of any ethnicity or nationality here. The website has been available since 1995, which makes it one of the oldest dating app. About 40 million people visit Match.com every month, so you can definitely find a suitable partner here.

The registration at Match is totally free. However, you need a premium membership to use every available feature of the website. After you create an account, any subscribed user can message you, but you will not be able to answer until you purchase a subscription. Fortunately, the price is not that high: you will have to pay around 25 dollars per month (or even less if you buy a 12-month subscription).

Subscribed users get a number of daily matches. Therefore, you will get the list of the most suitable potential partners for you every day. Communicate with the people you like and, eventually, you will find your soulmate, just like thousands of Match.com users did. Good luck!

OKCupid: Inexpensive Dating Site for Everyone

OKCupid is a great dating platform with a bunch of cool features and millions of active users from all over the United States. Visit the website to create a new profile for free. You can speed up the registration process by using your Facebook account to sign up. Nevertheless, the registration process is simple, so you will not have any problems even if you are not used to online dating.

Generally, OKCupid is similar to Match and other dating platforms. You can fully customize your profile and select any preferences after the registration. After you set up your account, feel free to browse profiles of other people. You can also use the “Match” feature to see the list of the most suitable partners according to your preferences. Unfortunately, most of the features are unavailable to free users, so you will have to buy a subscription. It will unlock advanced search, additional matches, message storage, and other cool stuff.

Whether you want to find a partner for a one-night stand or a serious relationship, this website is a great place with many people to choose from. This website is very affordable (one-month subscription is available for less than 10 dollars), so we highly recommend you to try it.

Coffee Meets Bagel: The Best Place to Find a Wife or a Husband

Coffee Meets Bagel is a rather new dating app launched in 2012. It was made by three sisters from San Francisco. Unlike most of the other mobile dating apps, this dating site values quality over quantity. The aim of the platform is to assist singles to find the right person for a meaningful and lasting relationship.

According to the official website, over 20 million people use Coffee Meets Bagel on a daily basis. The app is aimed at the younger audience below 40 from big cities, but you can find people of any age and wealth here if you want.

The registration process is as easy as it can be. You need to get the app on your smartphone or tablet and go through several steps to register a new profile. Just follow the on-screen instructions and select your nationality, education, occupation, and other personal details you would not mind to share. Additionally, you can add up to nine photos. Choose the best pictures from your Facebook account or upload them from your portable device.

Plenty of Fish: A Dating Site for Singles with Serious Intentions

Plenty of Fish (POF) is probably the best app that can be used for free. According to some sources, it is the second most visited dating site in the world after Match.com. This matchmaking platform features a great choice of features that will assist you to find the best partner for your taste. The site is aimed at grownups with high education who want to start a serious relationship but do not have much time for online dating.

Unlike Tinder and other dating apps, Plenty of Fish is perfect for people who like to chat. The founders of the website claim that the users of the app send more than a billion messages every month. It is easy to understand since this dating site allows free users to send and receive messages. That is right: you do not need to pay a single dollar in order to contact other people!

If you are in search of a free dating website with a good selection of dating profiles from all over the country, Plenty of Fish is one of the greatest options for you. Feel free to try it right now!

eHarmony: Serious Dating for American Singles

eHarmony is a trustworthy and well-known dating website that has been operating for nearly 20 years. It has over 10 million regular users from all over the world, but most of them are American. This dating website is positioned as a platform for responsible singles who want to start a healthy family with a reliable person.

You will need to share a bunch of facts about you during the registration. This is needed to find the perfect match for you. Thanks to eHarmony, you will not need to go through hundreds of profiles when looking for a suitable partner. Instead, the website will show you people with similar interests who are most likely to be compatible with you. This allows you to save a lot of time and find the right person much faster.

eHarmony is one of the best websites for those who want to start a strong relationship. According to the data from the official website, around 4% of married people in the United States met thanks to eHarmony. If you are tired of meaningless and short relationships, you should definitely use this website.

EliteSingles: the Best Dating App for Professionals

Just as the name suggests, Elitesingles is a matchmaking service for elite people. It is aimed at upper-class people who are looking for someone of the same social level. The vast majority of singles at EliteSingles have a university degree.

During the registration, every user needs to go through a large questionnaire that takes over an hour to complete. Such a strict selection allows the administration to guarantee that every member of the dating site is truly elite.

If you want to start using Elitesingles.com, prepare to answer more than a hundred questions. You will need to share information about your life goals, education, the city of living, occupation, personal interest, and more. The whole process is very time-consuming, so do not waste your time if you are not sure if this website worth it. As soon as you finish the questionnaire, the dating site will automatically offer you a bunch of matches based on your answers.

Zoosk: a Dating Site for Modern Singles

Zoosk is a dating platform, which started as a Facebook app in late 2007. Over the years, it turned into one of the biggest international matchmaking websites with myriads of active users. According to the owners of Zoosk, over 40 million people from all over the world have used it.

The main goal of the matchmaking site is to seamlessly merge online dating and social networks. It provides modern singles with an intuitive dating experience on portable platforms and personal computers. The website offers affordable and customizable communication tools to every visitor for less than 30 dollars per month.

Even though Zoosk does not have any unique features, it is still a great place to meet interesting people for either casual or serious relationships.

Tinder: the Most Popular Casual Dating App

Pretty much every person on the planet knows what Tinder is. However, in case if you have never heard of it, this is a simple and effective dating app for casual dating. Myriads of people from all over the world use it every day. The app works in every developed country, which makes it a great option for people who travel a lot.

Tinder is app-focused: most of the people use it on Android or iOS devices. Despite that, you can register via a personal computer. The registration is simple and you can speed it up by signing up with your Facebook account. You will have to enter the initial info about yourself (such as your name, gender, and age). This is it!

As soon as you create an account, feel free to browse the most suitable partners in your are. Swipe right if you liked a person, and left if you are not interested. If someone you liked likes you too, you can start a conversation with them. As you can see, it is very easy!

Bumble: One of the Best Dating Sites for Women

Bumble is a dating platform designed by women for women. Unlike other options from this rating list, male users cannot even send messages to females. Bumble a great option for women who are tired of numerous bad matches in other dating apps. Launched by one of the creators of Tinder, Bumble shares a lot of similar features. It is as simple: swipe right if you like the person, or left to keep searching.

Obviously, Bumble is a good dating website for women. It is also great for handsome guys who want to let girls control all the interactions. At the same time, it might not be the best option for males who want to be in charge. If you are one of them, we recommend you to use a different dating app.

Hinge: a Dating App Designed to Be Deleted

Hinge is one of the few smartphone dating apps aimed at serious relationships. Unlike Tinder or OKCupid, it is not suitable for those who enjoy one-night hookups. On the contrary, this dating platform allows users to focus on a small number of profiles at a time.

Users demonstrate interest by commenting or liking photos or stories in other people’s profiles. Sending messages is absolutely free, and there is no daily limit. Nevertheless, you can only send messages to your mutual matches.  

Free contacting features of this dating app allow all users to find and form a connection with potential partners. The matching feature of Hinge condemns mindless swiping, which makes the dating app a good place for finding meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Cool Facts about Online Dating

If you are still unsure whether online dating is meant for you, let us share some of the most interesting facts about it that might change your opinion. Check them out below!

  • Online dating helps you to save money. Most couples who meet online get married within one and a half years. At the same time, people who meet traditionally wait an average of nearly four years before marrying. It means that, statistically, you will spend less money before marriage thanks to matchmaking websites.
  • According to OkCupid, it is responsible for around 40 thousand first dates every day.
  • Married couples who met online are less likely to divorce. According to several studies, the number of divorced people who met their ex-spouses over the internet is twice less than the number of divorced singles who met ex-spouses traditionally.
  • Women are more likely to consult with friends. According to statistics, nearly 30% of girls ask for help from a friend when setting up their profiles. At the same time, less than 16% of men ask friends for assistance.
  • Over the last 10 years, more than one-third of newlyweds met thanks to online dating sites.
  • Singles who use the word “Love” in their profiles are more likely to find someone. According to a study conducted by Plenty of Fish, people who used the word “Love” are more successful in finding partners.

Summary on Dating Sites for Singles

Today you have learned that online dating is the most convenient way to find new partners. Thanks to trustworthy dating websites and matchmaking apps, you can easily find the right person with similar interests. There are many good options for any taste. Whether you are looking for casual hook-ups or want to build a serious relationship, you should start using dating websites!